Wine Education Through Entertainment
Learn everything there is to know about wine from one of the world’s leading sommeliers. Viniculture, variety, region, flavor, storage, and more. Whether you are looking to grow your knowledge, or simply enjoy an informed glass– this is the place! 
Can you recognize cork taint when you open a bottle of wine? This frustrating wine fault can cause aromas reminiscent of wet cardboard in wine. In this video, Sean discusses the causes of corked wine and what we can do when we encounter this in wine.
Learn in detail about the Sauvignon blanc grape from the first source - the winemakers! Mattia Antonio Cianca, the Best sommelier of Italy and Australia, takes us with him on his travels to the origins of this mesmerizingly aromatic jet elegant grape - France! 
Although Cabernet Sauvignon is the most planted grape variety in the world, we got to know its origins only in 1997, when a study confirmed its parents being Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc. In this week’s class, Mattia Antonio Cianca tells us more about the grape’s history, the characteristics of the berry, as well as the beautiful wines in which this grape variety is used.