Wine Education Through Entertainment
Visit exclusive locations and wine estates, and meet winemakers otherwise unavailable to the average tourist! Using professional video content, we offer in-depth stories and insights into the world’s most famous and most hidden wine regions. Go behind the scenes to visit prestigious estates closed to the public, and learn the inside life of the world’s leading wine personalities. 
The labels on bottles of German Riesling can be a little overwhelming for those not familiar with the labelling and classification systems used in Germany. It is sometimes a little difficult to know if the wine is going to be dry, off dry or very sweet. In this video, Sean introduces us to some of the names and classifications to help you confidently select German Rieslings, whatever the occasion.
Some wines are great, some are legendary. Telling you a story on one of the world's legends - Vin de Constanze! Watch the video to learn among which wines you mention Klein Constantia wines and why they are so precious. The story is exclusively told by Wineteach South African wine expert Jean-Vincent Ridon. By the way, on May 22, 2021 a bottle of 1821 grand Constance wine reached more than 25 000 euros on an auction, this is the highest paid price ever for a South African wine!
Continuing our Burgundy stories - 28generations of winemaking. Dig into the new generation of Burgundy winemakers secrets and the step by step process of how they do it. Discover one more Burgundy secret and stay tuned for more to come by the end of the week!