Wine Education Through Entertainment
Visit exclusive locations and wine estates, and meet winemakers otherwise unavailable to the average tourist! Using professional video content, we offer in-depth stories and insights into the world’s most famous and most hidden wine regions. Go behind the scenes to visit prestigious estates closed to the public, and learn the inside life of the world’s leading wine personalities. 
Santorini has its own Protected Designation of Origin that has been established in the early 70s and allows the production of white dry wines and dessert wines which are made by sun-dried grapes. Learn the different styles of Santorini PDO wines and some notable producers!
Have you heard of Beaujolais? But do you know it's much more than just the special wine of the third Thursday of November - Beaujolais Nouveau?  It's an amazing wine to learn about and discover that it's closer to fancy Burgundy reds than you maybe imagined! Watch this episode that the Best UK Sommelier 2018 Alexandre Freguin has prepared for your further wine education -  learn some new food & wine pairings and see which wines from Beaujolais are recommended to start with!
Sean Evans gives us an overview of the Anjou region of the Loire Valley in France. This is a region that has historically been famous for its sweet Chenin Blanc wines. In recent years, many growers have been going against the traditions of their region to produce powerful and mineral driven Chenin Blanc in a dry style. Sean introduces us to some of his favourite producers, all of whom make wines with few additions, unfiltered and from biodynamic and organic vineyards.